Critic Frouq Yousef talks about Iraqi Artist Khalid AL-RAHHAL

Descp.: The Bather / Bronze Sculpture / 1953

Iraqi Artist Khalid AL-RAHHAL (1926-1986)
"Al-Rahhal’s relation with women reveals a genuine feeling which other artists try to conceal or to express indirectly. He was bold in giving expression to his ideas of women which are the main motif of his works. In fact, he was enchanted by women, whether they are mothers, sisters or lovers. They provided him with a profound sense of life, dynamism, warmth and passion. Women in his view do not live in the shade or on a social margin. They hold the reigns of things in hand whether through their being in a social position or through their direct contact with beauty."
Frouq Yousef - Gilgamesh Magazine – #2-1987
An engraved bronze sculpture of a repeated subject for the artist and he made more than one sculpture of different forms called "The Bathers". This sculpture was acquired by us from the collection of Dr. Abdul Wahed Sukran, Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad.