Ibrahimi Collection Visited The National Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad ,Iraq on 19 April 2018

The National Museum of Modern Art of Iraq (NMMAI) in Baghdad “ former Saddam Center for the Arts” was officially inaugurated in 1962, entirely holding a few artworks by Jewad SELIM, Hafez Al-DROUBIi, Ismail Al SHAIKHLY and other members of the early modern art movement, before 2003 the NMMAI possessed more than 8500 art works of the master pieces of Iraqi Modern art.  many pieces vanished during the widespread looting that followed the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi curators and specialists at the government’s Fine Art Department and thanks to the efforts of Iraqi art community and some individual Iraqis ,whom were able to protect and take care of this cultural patrimony a sizable remnant of the works of Iraq’s pioneering and modern artists have now been recovered, though many are still missing. The total number of art works for Iraqi artists that have been saved are around 2300 pieces .

In addition to the artist mentioned above, currently on public display are the work of other world-class artists who have left their imprint on the Iraqi fine art scene such as Abdul Qader ALRASSAM, Shakir HassanAL-SAID, Khadim HAIDER, Faiq HASSAN, Suad AL-ATTAR, LaylaAl-ATTARr, Dia Al-AZZAWI, Rafa Al-NASERI, Ali TALIB, Saleh Al-JOMAIE, Mohamed MUHRUDIN, Hana MALULLAH and many others .