Critic Jabra I. Jabra said about Artist Amer AL-OBAIDI
Two Horses / Oil on Canvas / 1976 / Property of ibrahimi collection
الفنان العراقي عامر العبيدي
"إن الذي يحرك خياله هو التاريخ العربي، فالعديد من رموزه مستوحاة منه، يحورها لتلائم غرضه المعاصر، وقد كانت قماشاته الأولى تتألف من شبه تجريدات شديدة الإيحاء بأشياء قديمة فتبدو وكأنها أصداء جيوش تخوض حروباً فاتحة"
الناقد جبرا ابراهيم جبرا
Iraqi Artist Amer AL-OBAIDI
“The thing that moves his imagination is Arab history, Many of his symbols are inspired from it, and he transforms them to suit his contemporary purpose. His first canvas consisted of semi-abstractions that were very suggestive of old things and seemed as echoes for armies engaged in victorious wars”
Critic Jabra I. Jabra