Intimidations of Widad Al-Orfali

Iraqi Artist Widad AL-ORFALI
"You see the drawings of Widad Al-Orfali for the first time and you are surprised as if you opened a door that was closed tightly, and as if you are in the middle of lights and music in a spacious room where there is not one, but you feel that you are surrounded by the whispers of the crowds, suddenly .. your feelings fluctuate and you cannot be sure of the mystery of your surprise, except that you are enjoying the vision and enjoying these suggestions that are whispered to you, this vision that makes you lose the feeling of place and time, past and present - as well as the whispers; It is almost impossible to speak of the pleasure of the visual experience of the drawings of Widad Al-Orfali without the language of poetry or the language of mystery and ambiguity."
Critic Jebra I. Jebra 


Below you can find the PDF of the full article by Critic Jebra I. Jebra that published in the magazine of “Finoon Arabiah” issue #7 - Y 1982,

Arabic Title: 
تهاويل وداد الاورفلي
Published Date: