Faiq HASSAN - Colors Visions – By Mohammed Aljazae'eri
فائق حسن -رؤى اللون - محمد الجزائري

raqi Artist Faiq HASSAN

“Faiq Hassan has a very advanced awareness about his work & the arts of his era, his awareness put him at the top of the professionalism, it made him a very unique professor.

Nothing could restrict his freedom of coloring which was able to transcend all frames & obstacles, Faiq Hasan was a free artist as he succeeded to color & formulate his experiences proficiently”

Critic Mohamed Aljazae'eri

Below is a PDF with the full article by Critic Mohammed Aljazae'eri that was published in the magazine of “Afaq Arabia” issue #4 Y 1992, and some of his artworks from Ibrahimi Collection:

Images are of Artworks of Faiq Hasan from Ibrahimi collection. (www.ibrahimicollection.com)


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