Dr. Ihsan Fethi post on Ibrahimi collection and its Founder on Facebook after his visit on 30th of March 2018hi

Dr. Ihsan Fethi - a well-known Iraqi architect, academician, expert in architectural preservation, and photographer visited Ibrahimi collection on march 30 ,2018 and wrote on his facebooks page  the following

"Dr. Hasanain al-Ibrahimi, who was born in Kufa, Iraq, in 1962 and studied medicine in Iraq, is known today as having one the best and most comprehensive Iraqi art collections anywhere. He practiced medicine from 1986 to 1993 in Iraq then he left to reside in Paris but also came to live in Amman. Although his main work was the supply and maintenance of medical equipment his real passion was Iraqi art! His amazing collection, which runs into hundreds of paintings and sculptures, covers most important Iraqi artists and includes many early pioneers. I learnt from my early encounter with him that he is so very careful with buying art work and has to make absolutely sure of its authenticity and originality. In this he is different from other so-called collectors who are not so careful with the provenance. Recently, he opened an amazingly rich website for his collection which includes a fantastic amount of data on Iraqi art together with a bibliography! I advise all those interested to visit:

I really admire Dr. Hasanain's dedication and total devotion for the documentation of Iraqi art and congratulate him and wish him the best of health and success with his incredible work. This portrait was taken by me at his office today."

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Ihsan for his statement, ًWe in Ibrahimi collection are trying to rebuild and restore our culture and art memory along with the cooperation of the Iraqi art community, We hope to become a useful source for the all concerned and  involved in Iraqi art and heritage.