Lebanese Critic Charbel Dagher said about Iraqi Artist Shaker Hasan Al Said
Quaternary Rhythm / Oil on Wood / 1995 / Property of ibrahimi collection
الفنان العراقي شاكر حسن آل سعيد
"غاب آل سعيد من دون أن يغيب، إذ يتنامى الاهتمام بفنه، والتنافس على حيازته، ، ويزداد قوة ولمعاناً حضوره المشع مثل أيقونة تزداد ألقاً ووهجاً، إذ تبدو أكثر صفاء ورجحاناً في فضاء التشكيل العربي الحديث"
شربل داغر

Iraqi Artist Shaker Hasan Al Said
“Although that Al Said has absented but he is still present, as the interest in his art and the competition for possession it is growing, and his radiant presence becomes stronger & more radiant, such as an icon growing brighter & more glow, to seems more clearer in the space of modern Arab fine art”
Charbel Dagher