Ibrahimi Collection's Third Book "The Generation of the 60s and 70s - The Path of Creativity"
"الكتاب الثالث لمجموعة الإبراهيمي للفنون التشكيلية "ستينيون وسبعينيون - سيرةُ إبداع

Ibrahimi Collection for Fine Arts published its third book, “The Generations of the Sixties and Seventies: The Path of Creativity.” This book consists of 496 pages that include more than 395 color photographs of examples of artwork from the collection by 4 women artists and 33 male artists, chronicling part of the journey of the plastic arts movement in Iraq, represented by the second generation of the 1960s artists who were born from 1939 to 1948. The book contains two main articles: the first, “Sixties and Seventies” by Professor Dr. Salam Jabbar, which included a brief presentation on the artistic groups, and the second was “Styles of Modern Art in Iraq until the End of the Seventies” by Hasanain Al-Ibrahimy. As is the case in previous editions, some texts reflected either the opinion of the collection written by its founder and his comments on some of the works or quotations by critics and writers consistent with the nature of the works and their methods, chosen from about 160 sources mentioned at the end of the book. This publication will be followed in the coming period by the fourth book, which is planned to present the experience of the generation of the seventies, eighties, and beyond, and then the fifth book, which is planned to present experiences from contemporary sculpture and ceramic art. Ibrahimi Collection’s books are available for those interested to acquire it, in the following places: Ibrahimi Collection’s headquarter in Amman, for order and inquiries, please contact the WhatsApp Number +962 7 8165 1515 or E-mail: office@iwanart.com The headquarter of Ibrahimi Collection and Iwan - Link Art Space in Baghdad, for order and inquiries, please contact the WhatsApp Number +964 78 0969 0004 or E-mail: laith.alibrahimy@iwanart.com

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