Fadel ABBAS (Ca 1930)
Fadel ABBAS (Ca 1930)
فاضل عباس - حوالي (1930)
  • One of fifties generation artists, graduated from the IFA in Baghdad in the mid-fifties among the first groups like Ismail Al-Chekhli, Tareq Madhloom the friend of artists, Kahtan Awni, Ali Al-Shaalan, Mohamed Al-Hassani, Khaleel Al-Ward, Kalid Al-Rahhal, Jewad & Naziha Selim & others form this generation.
  • 1954 joined the Baghdad Group for Modern Art and participated in its third exhibition, and he has created for himself a style in drawing that distinguished him form others.
  • 1964 participated in the seventh exhibition of the Baghdad Group for Modern Art.
  • 1971 participated in the group's exhibition in Baghdad on the occasion of twenty years of its founding.
  • Shakir Hassan mentioned him in many places in his book “Chapters from the History of the Plastic Movement in Iraq” saying that he was fond of a sort of a popular realism style and had a local impressionist style, and was interested in drawing daily life in cities, like most of the artists of the fifties.