Jewad Selim, a legitimate father of Iraqi modernity, invented his Baghdad
Farouq yousif
The picture and the statue .. An intimate affinity between Talib Mekki’s and his teacher, Jewad Selim
The artist, Dia Al-Azzawi, who is walking in his vision
Nuri Mustafa Bahgat .. and Pioneering in art
د. معتز عناد غزوان Dr Muatez Gazwan
Nuri Mustafa Bahgat: Understanding the painting is the job of the critic, not the artist's job
حسب الله يحيى
Remembering the Iraqi artist Kadhim Haidar
ali Ibrahim Aldelami علي ابراهيم الدليمي
Nuri Mustafa Bahgat: Another departure, "the group of pioneers"
سلوى السيّاب Salwa Alsayyab
Maath Alalousi..the Noble Baghdadi..loved architecture and was facinated by it as a lover lost in love
latifa aldulaymi لطيفة الدليمي
Iraqi ceramist , Akram Naji, meditation mixed with astonishment
AbdulAmeer Alwan .. the researcher of beauty
Abdulameer ALWAN : I mix realism, expressionism and modernity in my paintings
The Arab press did not know about his departure ... Iraqi plastic artist Keder GIRGEIS died in Denmark
Mohamed AlAmeri
A Contextual Analysis of Contemporary Iraqi Art using Six Case Studies by Artist Mohammed Al-Sadoun
Mohammed Al-Sadoun
The Cultural Costs of the 2003 US-Led Invasion of Iraq
Isis Nusair
Mourning Iraq’s Destruction, a Native Son Creates
Neil MacFarquhar
Hassan Massoudy Work in "Letter Arts review" Magazine Volume 33 Number 3 Summer 2019
Dia Al-Azzawi: Art is an announcement of existence
Mahmoud /muneer
Art and Artists Crossing Borders-Untold Stories of the First Iraqi Art Exhibition in the USSR
Dr. Olga Nefedova
The temptation of letters, colors, lights, and human redemption from the darkness of existence
Dr. Rasoul Mohammad Rasoul
Horizons, talismans and people in the contemporary Iraqi fine art
Dr. Shawky almousawi