Iraq | Two Faces at Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain
العراق | وجهان في معرض البارح للفنون ، البحرين

Iraq: Two Faces at Albareh Gallery in Bahrain, is the first presentation of two of the most notable Iraqi artists, thirty-six years after they left their country to further their education, not to realise their own creative ambitions, but to create art that would distinguish itself from other Western artistic achievements. In their absence, Saddam Hussains tyranny, the Iran-Iraq war and the two Gulf Wars consequently caused many Iraqi intellectuals, artists and prominent individuals to leave the country. Faisel and Modhir never managed to go back to their motherland. Instead, they manifested their own artistic independence as well as their desire to participate in the important changes taking place in the world of art, for Iraq. These two artists used their art to pursue their artistic dreams for their country. Their art became ambassadors that represent Iraq in an international milieu of artists, intellectuals and art collectors. Iraq: Two Faces, presents a selection of paintings that epitomise the striking look of Faisel Laibi and the bold spirit of Modhir Ahmed. The result is an unusual combination modern realism and post modern two-dimensional art a clash of radically two different styles that has been coexisting for more three decades but with one unified objective: To redefine the world view on Iraqi tradition, modernism and the avant-garde.