Praise for the Ibrahimi Collection by PhD Candidate Tiffany Floyd

For the past two months, I have had the distinct pleasure of conducting research at the Ibrahimi Collection. I can easily say that Dr. Hasanain Ibrahimi’s collection and accompanying library are among the foremost assemblies of Iraq-focused art and archival material in the Arab world and beyond. Dr. Hasanain and the Ibrahimi Collection’s wonderful staff endeavor with great efforts to organize, catalogue, document and present a plethora of artistic and archival resources for the convenient use of the art community and researchers. The Collection is clearly keen to encourage and aid scholarship in the field of Iraqi art studies. Indeed, Dr. Hasanain’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and hospitality made my research trip to Amman both productive and fun!


Tiffany Floyd, PhD Candidate

Department of Art History and Archaeology

Columbia University

27 March 2019