Lorna Selim interview, at Kufa Gallery in London 1989

"He was great fun" said Lorna when she was asked about her late husband and fellow artist Jewad Selim. This interview, at Kufa Gallery in London 1989, was during an exhibition commemorating Jewad Selim, "Homage to Jewad Selim". Selected works by Selim were exhibited alongside artworks by his wife Lorna and his students Ismail Fattah, Mohamed Ghani Hikmat and Dia Azzawi
The painting behind Lorna was done by Jewad in the late 1940s when they met and fell in love at the Slade School of art. Jewad dressed Lorna in a traditional Arab dress "Hashimi" and painted her in a style paying homage to Matisse with an Arabic twist (note the Arabic words لورنا and لندن)