Ibrahimi collection Visited the Claude Lemand Gallery - Exhibition From April 4th to 8th, 2018

PARIS OF THE ORIENT AND THE OCCIDENT - Claude Lemand Gallery - Art Paris Art Fair - Stand B15 - From April 4th to 8th, 2018.

Gallery Claude Lemand  reserved a prime location with a big booth facing the entrance where it exhibited 3 art works of our prominent Artist Dia AZZAWI and two art works for the well known Artist Himet M.Ali. also exibited were artworks for artists
- Shafic ABBOUD,
- Etel ADNAN,
- Mahjoub BEN BELLA,
- Abdallah BENANTEUR,
- Manabu Kochi,
- Mohamed MELEHI,
- Kevork MOURAD,
- Eugenie PAULTRE,
- Khaled TAKRETI.

The Claude Lemand Gallery was founded in October 1988, with an international spirit of openness to artists from different geographical, cultural and aesthetic backgrounds, who have made Paris, temporarily or permanently, their capital of life, creation and international influence.

Claude Lemand had previously served as a university professor in Lebanon, Sudan and Egypt, where he began to associate with artists and acquire works. His passion for painting, sculpture and painter's books led him to abandon everything in June 1988, to create a gallery in Paris and build a collection.
The gallery therefore promotes its artists, devotes their personal and collective exhibitions, provides the original edition of their sculptures and prints and publishes catalogs and some important monographs.
Since its foundation, the gallery also organizes each year an international thematic exhibition, where artists of the gallery meet and other Parisian artists of international renown: Masters of Tondo, Books of painters, East and West,. ..

Since its inception, Claude Lemand was one of the first European gallery owners to engage in the promotion of major Arab artists established in the West, by organizing exhibitions, publishing important monographs, publishing works graphics and sculptures and the constitution of a collection.

Claude Lemand is also a passionate publisher of poetry, bibliophile books and art publications. He inaugurated his gallery in October 1988 with the publication of Marguerite Yourcenar's novel Prince Genghi's The Last Love, in a magnificent book designed and illustrated by Abdallah Benanteur, with a limited edition of 33 copies. Since then, Claude Lemand has published the monograph of BENANTEUR and that of SHAFIC ABBOUD, he has organized numerous exhibitions of bibliophile books and unique books, during his exhibitions "Painting and Poetry, the artists of the book".

In October 2008, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his gallery, Claude Lemand opened a second space dedicated to the presentation of major works by his artists, the preparation of retrospectives or major thematic exhibitions. organizes in Paris and abroad.

For more information you can visit the websites :www.claude-lemand.com  and  http://www.artparis.com/en