رافع الناصري

Rafa AL Nasiri  born in Tikrit, 1940

Nasiri graduated from the institute of fine arts, Baghdad, with a diploma in painting in 1959 from 1959-63, he studied print making at central academy of fine arts, in Beijing, receiving BA in the subject

Nasiri exposure to Chinese art, more specifically the ink painting of Qi Baishi and the works of his teacher Huang Yu Yi, has had a lasting impact on his work and his exploration of calligraphic forms and words.

In 1969 he received a scholarship from the Gulvenkian foundation to study at the Gravura, Lisbon, receiving a diploma in printmaking the same year, upon his return to Baghdad he co-founded the new vision group and was later head of the graphic art department at the institute of fine arts, Nasiri also taught at the university of Yarmouk and the university of Bahrain for a number of years, he has been highly influential in encouraging later generations of Iraqi artists to explore the art of print making , he also written many essays and books on modern Arab arts, more specifically graphic arts more recently his work have been inspired by the poetry of Al-Mutanabbi, Al-Jawahiri, Mahmoud Darwish, Etel Adana and May Muzaffar, he has exhibited extensively throughout the middle east , Europe and Asia and has participated in international group exhibitions such as Word into Art, British Museum, London, 2006 Modernism and Iraq Wallach art gallery , Columbia university , 2009, and art in Iraq today (with fellow new vision founder Dia Azzawi and ali Talib), Meem Gallery , Dubai 2011, his work is held in collections including Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern art , Doha, and Jordan National Gallery of fine arts Amman.




Rafa Nasiri Artist Books
رافع الناصري رسام المشاهد الكونية
Rafa Nasiri 50 years of Painiting and print making
Improvission - ارتجالات ابداعية 7 فنانين عراقين
Rafa AL-NASIRI رافع الناصري - النهر وانا عشق على مر السنين
فن الغرافيك المعاصر
Rafa Nasiri 50 years of Painiting and print making


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