سلمان البصري

Salman Al-Basri was born in Basra in 1939. Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, 1960 He holds a PhD in Fine Art in the concept of quality and the formation of a painting. He has several books taught at art institutes and colleges in Iraq.

He contributed to the establishment of several important artistic groups enriched the Iraqi plastic movement, including: Basra group, the shadow group.
He has set up dozens of personal exhibitions inside and outside Iraq, won numerous international awards, and Arab and international museums have acquired a number of his works.
The artist has been living in the Netherlands since the early nineties until today.

His abstract works are not without extensive symbolic significance, he is the son of a shocking reality , lived its detail and rooted in his mind are events and scenes ,disasters and great changes, in his private life, or what has passed upon Iraq over the past decades ..He wished to codify, but in artistic  form that perpetuate its impact. In his expressive abstract works, or those that we might call the "shocking expressionism", which release his rhythmic strikes, which divides the divided into two spaces , upper and lower, each with its own symmetry, which reveals the desire to fly and touch the defenseless space. In the upper space and the stability based on a solid base in the lowwer space  


, but there is always a harmony between the two perspectives, each dragging its other counterpart to its space or its fixed root, until it reaches a thin, minimal rhythm in its shocking transparency