محمد مهر الدين

Mohammed Muhriddin Born in Basra, Iraq 1938
studied painting at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad from 1956 to 1959, and later travelled to Poland where he received a degree in fine art from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. He was a founding member of the New Vision Group of 1969. Muhriddin is known for his mixed-media compositions; he uses materials such as wood, gypsum and sand

One Man Show:

1955 Graphic Exhibition, Baghdad.
1967 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad.
1978 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad.
1980 Painting and Drawing Exhibition, Baghdad.
1981 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad.
1983 Painting and Drawing exhibition, Baghdad.
1985 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad.
1989 Painting and Drawing Exhibition, Baghdad.
1992 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad.
1994 Painting Exhibition, Amman.
1995 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad and Amman
1997 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad
1998 Painting Exhibition, Baghdad and Amman
1999 Painting Exhibition, French Cultural Center, Baghdad
2001 " Globalization Trap" Painting and Graphic Exhibition ,Baghdad and Amman
2001- 2002  Painting Exhibition Baghdad, Amman
2003 Painting and Drawing Exhibition, French Cultural Center, Baghdad
2004 Painting and Drawing Exhibition - Athar Gallery, Baghdad.
2005 Joint Exhibition with Shaddad Abdulakhahhar - Athar Gallery, Baghdad.
2006 Painting Exhibition Dar Alanda Gallery, Amman.
2008 painting exh. On line Art Gallery amman jordan
2008 painting exh. On Sultan Atr Gallary Kuwit

Group Exhibition:

1959 Artists' Association Gallery, Baghdad
1965 Modern Iraqi Art Exhibition, Baghdad
1968 Battle Exhibition, Baghdad.
1970 First Poster Exhibition by New Vision Group, Baghdad.
1972 Alwasiti Exhibition, Baghdad.
1973 First and Second Arab Biennial Baghdad, Morocco.
1976 Cannes Summer Festival of Arts, France.
1977 Iraq Arts Exhibition, Bon, Paris , London.
1978 Eight Arab Artists, London.
1982 1st. Arab Biennial, Cairo.
1986 First International Biennial Ankara.
1988 First and Second International Arts Festival Baghdad.
1992, Three Artists Exhibition, Tunisia.
1993 Four Artists Exhibition, Morocco and Washington.
1993 Biennial Bangladesh of Arts.

Prizes and Awards:

1982 Honor Prize, Second International Poster Exhibition.
1986 2nd Prize First International Art Biennial Ankara.
1988 First Prize Second International Festival of Art, Baghdad.
1993 Honor Prize 6th Asian Art Biennial Bangladesh.
1998 Country Creative award in Painting, Baghdad. 

Three large murals of Muhraddin are displayed at: Baghdad Airport, Basra Airport,
and the Festival Square in Baghdad.




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