ميران السعدي
  • Miran Al-Saadi was born in 1934
  • He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1955.
  • He completed his studies in Rome in 1962.
  • He participated in group exhibitions while studying there
  • The artist held a personal exhibition for his works in 1963.
  • He participated in several exhibitions held inside and outside Iraq.
  • He has participated in the Baghdad group exhibitions since 1953.
  • The artist is a member of the Association of Iraqi Plastic Artists.
  • And the Iraqi Artists Syndicate.
  • It is noteworthy that the artist Miran al-Saadi, one of the most famous sculptors and is a innovator in the field of sculpture, has taught many artists who exist now in the art scene and in the past, His most important work is the monument of the eagles and the Arabian Knight in Baghdad.