نجيب يونس

Born in Mosul – Iraq 1930.

Degree of honor college of fine arts Cairo 1954.

Participation in most of the exhibitions held inside Iraq in addition to others abroad such as : 1) Al mansur exhibition Baghdad 1955. 2) Exhibition of Iraqi plastic art society 1956, 1957, 1958. 3) Personal exhibition Mosul 1958. 4) Personal exhibition Mosul 1963. 5) Mosul's artists exhibition 1963. 6) All fine arts university of Mosul's exhibitions. 7) Honoring comprehensive exhibition that includes 250 paintings Baghdad 1985. 8) Honoring exhibition London 1985. 9) Personal exhibition Bahrain 1998. 10) Personal exhibition Bahrain 2001. 11) Personal exhibition U.A.E. Abu Dhabi 2001.

Organized many art study courses since 1954 that produced many famous Iraqi  artists.

Established Mosul's university studio 1965 which was the base of the university museum which contains various products of the Iraqi art.

Established the two sections ( painting & ceramic ) and ( Arabic calligraphy & arabesque ) in the fine art institute of Mosul 1978 which he presided until his retirement in 1983.

His work was concentrated on his surroundings as an object. . He analyzed , paid deep attention to it's detailed description in addition to his implementation of many paintings that reflect historical and emotional subjects.

  •  Medal of Iraqi art pioneers (ministry of education) 1996.
  •   Membership of Iraqi artists union.
  •   Membership of Iraqi plastic art union & one of it's founding members



الفنان التشكيلي الرائد نجيب يونس