Nadhim RAMZI
Nadhim RAMZI
ناظم رمزي

(Arabic: ناظم رمزي‎‎; 14 July 1928 – 18 September 2013 from a Kurdish family) was an Iraqi graphic designer, calligrapher, photographer, and painter most known for documenting life in Iraq from the 50s by photography.


Early life

In the first years of his youth Ramzi started to recognize the nature around and its people in various parts of Iraq due to his father's constant movement, who was administrative staff during 1934–1944; He liked birds hunting and learned its art, and he loved the wilderness and its people until he became one of the them, Ramzi started to get involved and participate in a lot of hobbies that affected his future.

In Al-Yusufiyah he started practicing on Islamic geometric patterns and became obsessed with it, and in Khan Bani Saad he found happiness in the life of the countryside and grazing sheep: "It was to this small village a great impact on my lifestyle and behavior.

And in Al-Mahawil District he got in touch with the ancient hills and ruins of the Babylonian civilization, amazed and inspired by Art of Mesopotamia that has survived for decades.


Ramzi started photography as a hobby in 1946, he got his first box camera "in an occasion I can't even remember!"

Ramzi's Printing Company

Ramzi's traveled to Paris in 1964 and spent there two years where he was introduced to printing methods and its Techniques, He started in founding a printing company in Baghdad and named it after his name, It was one of the best printing companies in Iraq, it was located near Al Rasheed Camp's main road, The company was established in 70's and founded by Ramzi him self,it provided a variety of printing products and services with a focus on quality, and service.

It contained three main departments:

  1. Technical Workshop (Managed by Ramzi him self)
  2. Financial Department(Supervised by Lawyer Mehdi Ali Zaini)
  3. Printing Department (Managed by Mryosh Faleh)

War Against Iran


One man show

  • 1958 – Photography Exhibition, Baghdad.
  • 1972 – Political Cartoons Exhibition, Baghdad.
  • 1977 – Photography Exhibition, Iraqi Cultural Center, London.
  • 2010 – Last Exhibition, Baghdad.

Group Exhibitions

  • 1956–1960 – S.P Group Exhibition, Iraqi Artist Society, Baghdad.
  • 1957 – Iraqi Modern Art, Beirut.
  • 1970 – Iraqi Poster Exhibition, National Gallery of Modern Art, Baghdad.
  • 1977 – Six Iraqi Artist, National Gallery of Modern Art, Baghdad.
  • 1980 – Seven Iraqi Artist, Iraqi Cultural Center, London.:


  • Iraq: The Land and The People, London, 1989
  • From the Memory, Beirut, 2008
  • Iraq: Photography Of Some Features Of The Life In The Twentieth Century, Beirut, 2009
  • My Journey With The Camera, Amman, 2010








Iraq - The Land and The people
من الذاكرة


Nadhim RAMZI's Photos and letters editied an
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