خالد الرحال

Khalid Al-Rahhal; Born in Baghdad, 1926; died in Baghdad 1983

Al-Rahhal was a student of Baghdad’s Institute of Fine Arts, where he received his diploma in sculpture in 1947. He was an active proponent of the Baghdad Modern Art Group and participated in their exhibitions until 1962. He was also a member of the Iraqi Artists Society. After being awarded a scholarship from the government, he went to Rome where he received an MFA from the Academia di Belle Arti in 1964. He organized several exhibitions of his work in Rome and participated in most contemporary Iraqi art exhibitions abroad. Al-Rahhal is regarded as one of Iraq’s foremost sculptors, though he also produced and exhibited paintings. In Iraq, his exposure to various artifacts from archaeological excavations aided in his development and approach to sculpture. He created many of the country’s important monuments and public sculptures such as the Monument of the Unknown Soldier (1982). His work is held in collections including the Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad, and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha.




تشييع المرحوم الفنان خالد الرحال