Iraqioon - Rifat Chadirgi | عراقيون - رفعت الجادرجي
The Title: Iraqioon - Rifat Chadirgi | عراقيون - رفعت الجادرجي
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Ricardo Karam on youtube

In Hadisson Akhar, Ricardo has again engaged with high-level Arab achievers from across the world in the fields of science, medicine, business, politics and philanthropy. Those were the men and women who would normally shun the spotlight in order to get on with the business of 'saving the world' or 'building an empire'. Without Ricardo's persistence, many of their stories would never be told. Yet these people are among the unsung heroes of the 21st century, outstanding role models for future generations to come. Rifat Chadirji is an Iraqi architect and author noted for his innovative work in furniture design and for his architectural writings and photography. Upon his return from London to Baghdad, he established Iraq Consult, one of the most influential practices in the Middle East.