Khaleel AL-WARD
Khaleel AL-WARD
خليل الورد

He was born in Kadhimiya in 1921 and died on 9/7/1984.
He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in 1954 with a high diploma from the Department of Sculpture and was educated by the artist Jawad Salim, who was the reason for him entering the sculpture department instead of drawing, He taught art and its history to the  intermediate and Secondary high school classes  throughout his service in the Ministry of Education, which lasted 30 years.
He joined the Baghdad Modern Art Group in 1953 he is from the second-generation in this group.
Founding member of the Association of Fine Artists and the Syndicate of Fine Artists.

He participated in all exhibitions held by the Baghdad Modern Art Group and also participated in the exhibitions of the Iraqi Artists Association. Participated in the Iraqi exhibitions held abroad.
He held his first solo exhibition in November 1981.
The Ministry of Culture and Information held an exhibition in honor of the artist after his death in September 1984.
His works were exhibited in many exhibitions after his death, such as the exhibition "In order not to forget them " and other exhibitions.
A special exhibition of his works and his collections of works by  other artists was held at the Abla al-Azzawi Hall in October 1989.
He has researches  in folklore, folklore and art, some of which have been published in magazines and newspapers. He has also contributed to heritage festivals held in Iraq.
He has some poetic poems that have not been published, some short poems like riddles
The collection of proverbs and folk tales as well as stories of proverbs and has a research on rural names and their meanings but these research were not published.
He was interested in collecting artifacts and studying them historically and artistically and repairing them like artifacts made of wood set with ivory  or seashells. He was a collector and expert on old carpets and their types.
Most Iraqi newspapers and magazines  have had interviews and have published articales about him since his beginning in the world of art and even after his death.
The Ministry of Culture and Information - Department of Arts published a book entitled "Khalil Al Ward - Sculpture" by the artist Shaker Hassan Al Said in 1988.

The artist Khalil Al-Ward used the axe, saw, sculpture and carpentry tools and used them on different types of wood such as lime, Eucalyptus, teak and beech wood, unlike the sculptors in his time, they carved mostly on teak for ease of sculpture. This was due to his origin in a family that specialized in carpentry, His grandfather used to make decorative Baghdadi windows , decorative stained-glass windows (khourda carrie) , and the work of his father (the knitting  shuttle) made of different types of wood and made the wheels that were used to prepare the threads, For knitting as well.
His works of art exceeded 200 works between gypsum in the beginning, and then wood, stone and granite, and in some of its works, he inlayed some of his works with  precious stones and copper decorations. His statues were not large in size but few of them but they  told the stories of the old district, the family and the neighbors. And so His statues were large with beautiful stories. Carving figurines, prominent halves, sticks and even carved wooden spoons.




خليل الورد نحاتاً - شاكر حسن آل سعيد