Mehdi Moutashar
Mehdi Moutashar
مهدي مطشر

Mehdi MOUTASHAR born 1943 in Hilla (Babylon), Iraq
Academie Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Baghdad - Superior National School of Fine Arts, Paris

He moved to Paris in 1967 - Professor at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, from 1974 to 2008
Lives and works in Arles since 1974

Represente by galleries:
Denise Rene to Paris - VictoR sfez to Paris - AL / MA to Montpellier
LinDe HoLLingeR a Ladenburg (D) - Hoffmann a Friedberg (D) - fReDeRic HessLeR a Luxembourg

Personal exhibitions
1970 Gulbenkian Modern Art Museum, Baghdad
1971 Galerie Leger, Copenhagen; Malmo, Sweden
1972 Gallery of the Haut-Pave, Paris
          Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad
1974 Gallery of the Haut-Pave, Paris
1975 Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad
1977 Musee de Chartres
          House Pablo Neruda, Arles
1978 Gallery K, Washington, U.S.A.
1979 Galerie Leger, Malmo, Sweden
1980 Al-Riwak Art Gallery, Baghdad
1985 Galerie Hoffmann, Friedberg, Germany (catalog) Galerie Karo, Berlin
1986 Gallery Nicole Dortindeguey, Anduze
1988 Chapel of the Mejan, Arles (catalog)
          Karo Gallery, Berlin
          Galerie Walzinger, Saarlouis, Germany
1989 Tours Narbonnaises, Cite of Carcassonne Institute of the Arab World, Paris (catalog) Galerie St Ravy Demangel, Montpellier
1996 Gallery XIII, Arles
1997 Kufa Gallery, London
1998 Gallery Denise Rene, Paris
1999 Arts Dealers / Gallery Denise Rene, Marseille
2002 Galerie Denise Rene, Paris (catalog)
2003 Space Capitole, Arles
2005 Gallery Verney-Caron, Villeurbanne (Revue Week 22.05) 2009 The Gallery Denise Rene, Paris (Revue Week 37.09)
2011 Kleine Museum, Weissenstadt, Germany
2012 AL / MA Gallery, Montpellier
2013 Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg (Germany)
2014 Gallery The Little Temple, Lasalle
2016 Victor Sfez Gallery, Paris
AL / MA Gallery, Montpellier




Mehdi Moutashar