سوزان الشيخلي

Susan Chaikhly (سوزان الشيخلي ) born in 1920 ,died in 2008.

She is a leading plastic artist. Her husband, Ismail Ismail Al-Sheikhly, often participated with her husband in art exhibitions inside and outside Iraq in the 1960s. Her works convey images of the Iraqi heritage environment. The forms of houses, buildings, The movement of people, markets, alleys, trees, palm trees and birds She is restoring life and activity in Iraqi areas that are still rippling inside Iraqis, especially the elderly, with their indelible memories.

The great novelist Abd al-Rahman Majid al-Rubaie wrote in the Lebanese magazine "Science". He said that Susan Chaikhly is a private world. Sometimes she approaches the works of mosaic and others of imprinted liberties based on these bright colors. Although she is not Iraqi-born she is foreign, But she painted her drawings with the pleasure and joy of a land that she was not raise in but loved  loved it here drawings  approached the drawings of Hafiz Droubi in most of their configurations. She graduated in 1940 at the Institute of Applied Arts.

And came to Baghdad with her husband, a member of the pioneer group since 1953. She studied painting in Baghdadi schools for 35 years and participated in the Iraqi exhibition inside and outside of Iraq. – Chaikhly Organized several personal exhibitions, one of her last exhibitions was in the hall of Fayek Hassan / Hamra.





Fine art exhibition in Iraq in 1956