ايمان علي خالد

Iman Ali Khaled Born1962 Bagdad Iraq, Residence Amsterdam,Holland . Graduate from Art Institute Bagdad 1979-84

The paintings of Iman Ali Kahled consist of several layers , each with a different story . Iman : ” My paintings are a kind of movies , on stacked snapshots of my life. ” Her colorful work seems at first sight cheerful. However you look better , you see that happening more on the canvases than you would expect at first. Maybe tells the cheerful painting like a sad story .

” When I paint I am always concerned with the ‘now’ , with emotions at that moment in my life . They should look like . If I one day later further work on a canvas and the world looks different again, painter I create a new world with a new story . that way I play over the first layer in my work with time , emotion , color and life . ” Details of previous moments remain in the cloth is visible .

Ultimately, a painting always a theme to go . On the canvases of Iman Ali Khaled – painted with warm purple , orange , red, yellow and blue night – often faces and eyes to see, but also hands painted as wavy sea plants . Human relationships are a recurring theme in the work . Clearly also , the Oriental atmosphere forward. A legacy from Iraq where she lived until 1996 , when she fled to the Netherlands with her family via England .

In Iraq Iman Ali studied at the Art Academy of Baghdad . Then she worked for eight years alongside her work as an artist , as a designer of theatrical costumes for Iraq Fashion House .Iman: “The difference between my autonomous work of then and now , is that I now have more research and experimentation , the colors and shapes that I use now are more powerful when I was about many topics , such as ” freedom ” , not paint that . . . was too dangerous . in the Netherlands as an artist I feel free and I get a huge power on. I see in my work . “

Images Iman Ali has also made , but she now has enough room for in her studio . For several years she mixes the paint with sand and silicone paste resulting relief is created on the canvases . ” I love working with my hands . It feels like digging in the sand , as well as delving into the past. It is a kind sculpture on canvas . “

The canvases of Iman Ali , you can often see from four sides . ” When I paint , I turn to the canvas always . ” In her studio is a white cloth. ” A blank canvas still scares me . What will it be , what has the big screen to tell ? ‘s Like a psychologist with whom I have an appointment . I do not dare to go and then suddenly I go anyway and jump right in . it’s been so long I paint and has been for 20 years . “


 Art institute, Baghdad-Iraq.
– Jaarlijkse deelname aan hedendaagse Irakese en internationale tentoonstellingen
voor jonge kunstenaars in het Irakese parlement in Bagdad.
– The Spanish Cultural Center’s Art Exhibition, The Iraqi Modern Art Museum,
Baghdad- Iraq.
– Instanbul Graphic Biennial, Instanbul- Turkey.
– The First International Iraq Biennial, Iraq.
– The Contemporary Iraq Art exhibition, Cyprus.
– The Contemporary Iraq Art Exhibition, Royal Cultural Center, Amman- Jordan.
– Al Mehraz Biennial, Tunis.
– The Contemporary Iraq Art Exhibition, Rome- Italy.& Castle-Germany
Solo Exhibitions
1992 A special world, Baghdad insitute, Bagdad-Irak.
1993 The Kiss, Baghdad Art Institute, Bagdad, Irak.
1997 De Balie, Amsterdam.
2004 Gallery Foresight, Amman, Jordanië.
2004 Aa-Kerk (Spotlights), Groningen.
2004 SBK Amsterdam, prijs voor beste solo artiest (Register Amsterdam)
2004 Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.
2005 Markt 5, Almere.
2005 SBK Tilburg.

Group Exhibitions
1992 Abaad Gallery, Amman, Jordanië.
1994 Baladna Art Gallery, Amman, Jordanië.
2001 De Rims Gallery, Colors & Ideas, five Dutch artists, Amsterdam.
2002 Kunst-in-Ahoy, Rotterdam.
2002 Neumarkter Strasse, München, Duitsland.
2003 Galerie De Rooiperd, Enkhuizen.
2004 Plastic Art International Festival of Mahras, Tunisië.
2005 Plastic Art International Festival of Mahras, Tunisië.
2005 Open Ateliers, Nieuwendam
2005 Open Ateliers, Nieuwmarkt
2006 Alraveden festival, Berlijn, Duitsland
2006 Kunstkerk, Amsterdam
2006 Iman Alie & Abdullah, München, Duitsland.
2006 Assilla Festival, Assilla, Marokko.
2007 Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam
2007 Artists for freedom – stem voor kunst, Amsterdam
2007 Noorder IJ Kunst – Atelierroute Boven ’t IJ, Nieuwendam / Amsterdam
2007 Show your hope, The World In Amsterdam, the mobile global exhibition, Amsterdam
2009 Galerie Windkracht Den Helder
2012 Amman-Jordanie
2013 Bagdad-Irak

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Iman Ali KHALED interview on Magazine TV program