Salam OMAR
Salam OMAR
سلام عمر

Salam Omar is an Iraqi artist born in Baghdad 1960

Diploma of the Institute of Fine Arts - Graphic - Baghdad 1982.
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Department and Faculty of paintings - 2009.
Editorial gallery: Baghdad 1987.
Abla Al-Azzawi - Graphic - Baghdad 1992.
Dialogue Hall - Baghdad 1996
Professional Graphic Gallery - Baghdad 1997.
Qatar National Museum - Qatar 1999.
Lebanese Artists Society for paintings and sculptures - Beirut 2001.
The French Cultural Center, Damascus 2002.
In Beirut SD. Gallery, 2002.
Abu Dhabi Cultural center gallery, 2003.
Fine Arts Gallery, Kuwait 2004.
Space and Art Gallery in Baghdad.
Bahrain Fine Arts Association Gallery 2008.
Palace of the UNESCO Palace in Beirut.
Ajial Art Gallery Beirut 2014.




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