علي المعمار

Ali al-mimar Born in Baghdad 1965

Graduated with honors from Fine Arts Institute 1985

Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad 1991

Received the gold medal of Faiq Hasan for painting 1985

One man exhibitions at Alia gallery 1992, and Orfali gallery 1993,Amman, Jordan

One man exhibitions at Races gallery, Qatar 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001,2002

Exhibition at Le Biblion gallery, Toulouse, France 2001

One man exhibition during the international horses' beauty pageant, 2001

Participated in the exhibition for Arab horses in the museum of London gallery 2004

Founded the first university painting studio for students at Al Sharja, where he supervised plastic arts, 2000

His works are acquired in the US, Britain, France, Germany Switzer-land, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.

Member of Iraqi Plastic Arts society

Member of the International League for Plastic Arts AIAP, UNESCO

Currently is a resident of UAE, and works as supervisor on plastic arts in Sharja University




Ali Almimar علي المعمار