Najim Al-QAYSI
Najim Al-QAYSI
نجم القيسي

Najm QAYSI born in Baghdad, 1961

Diploma from the Institute of Fine Arts, 1988, and BA from College of Fine Arts 1998

Participated in the exhibitions of the Arts Bureau from 1994 to 2006

Victor Hugo Exhibition, Baghdad 1999

“From Ur to Babylon" festival, ministry of culture, Baghdad 2004

Symposium on The prisoners of Abu Ghrayb, near Hiwar galleryBaghdad 2005

A shared exhibit “from Baghdad to La Rochelle”/ France 2006

Exhibit of the cultural Week at the UNESCO, France 2007

Exhibition "Riding on Fire”, London, Ortica gallery 2008

The contest of “Jang Jen for international sculpture” 2001.

The contest of "The martyrs of A'imma bridge”,2006

Design of the flag’s pole at the Tayaran Square 2008

Erected “The Iraqi Banner”, a bronze monument at Qurtoba Square in Baghdad