عاصم حافظ

Asem Hafedh (عاصم حافظ ) Born in Mouul -Iraq, 1886 , Died in Iraq 1978
He studied in Mosul and then entered the Rashidiya Military School in Baghdad.
After completing his initial study in Mosul, he joined the military school in Istanbul, but left the military corps. He went to Paris to study art at the hands of Professor Antoine Reynold. After graduating in 1931 he returned to Mosul to become a teacher of drawing in the Middle school AlSharqiya. He Remained a teacher for 19 years and was able to specialize in the Arabic as well as in the French language. He held his first exhibition in Mosul in 1934.

Sattar AlShaikh mentioned in his research entitled "The FineArt  Movement" published in the Encyclopedia of Civilization of Mosul , that Hafedh urged his students to convey from nature, and he was very interested in painting still life. His works were performed in a classic style and fruit was his favorite subject. Criticist: Shaker Hassan Al Said says of Hafedh: "He had a deep sense of the past." of his achievements, in 1935 he published the first book in Iraq to specialize in Fine art “Rules of drawing on nature”. Hafedh held several exhibitions in Mosul & Baghdad. He was interested in the light and shadows and  to highlight their effects he used graphite and water colors, so his paintings appeared as if its components are alive and speaking




عن الرسام والفوتوغرافي عاصم حافظ 1886-1978
عاصم حافظ وبواكير الحركة التشكيلية في العراق