نادرة عزوز

Born 1927 ,Internationally acclaimed British Artist Nadira Azzouz began painting from the early age of six. She studied and graduated from the Central School of Art in London, where she gained her BA in Painting. She followed this with further studies of Still Life and Freehand in Cambridge.

It has been said by critics that "Nadira does not quite illustrate, but rather allows the visual to capture the oral and expand it." There is something peculiarly feminine in her choice of colours and composition, indicative of a woman's passions and the many levels there in.

For her, painting has often been a communication with inner visions, inner eruptions to which no figure or word could do justice, hence her emphasis and resourceful play on colour. In her recent work one can see her striving after a more lyrical and more diaphanous effect, suggestive of technical mastery.

Nadira has held numerous exhibitions both in the UK and abroad and she is currently based in London where she continues to paint and make powerful thought provoking art.