رؤية رؤوف

Born in Babylon as a daughter of the known poet and advocate Raouf Hassan Al-Jaboury


Institute of Fine Art -Iraq -Baghdad -Diploma

A course in computer (Photoshop)

A course in English language

A course in Germany language

Professional Experience

Supervisor of Fine Arts at the Directorate of artistic activity in the schools- the Ministry of Education in Iraq

Supervisor of theatrical activity in the secondary school in Baghdad and Basra – Iraq

Teacher of Painting at the Institute of Fine Art -Baghdad- Iraq

The establishment of a private art hall in my name (Rouya) – Baghdad – in a private room (Gallery of Fine Arts)

“Rouya Hall” in Al-Huria Square / Al-jadria / Baghdad, which invited several exhibitions of most contemporary leading and young artist

Free work of art (exhibitions + deployment of plates and layouts to accompany the poems and stories of poets and writers in many newspapers and magazines, as well as collections of covers and books) in:

Amman Jordan

Cairo Egypt

Doha, Qatar

Leipzig – Germany

Teaching drawing to children in Aljasra Club – Doha – Qatar

Supervising, training and the establishment of the graphic arts courses in Optics Center in Doha-Qatar – the Ministry of Culture

A member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate (UNION)- BAGHDAD – Iraq

She holds a global membership of Fine Artists

A member of the Iraqi Artists Association – BAGHDAD – Iraq



Opened several own exhibitions and participates on exhibitions within in said the Iraq and aboard

Own exhibition at Al-Rouaq Hall 1988- BAGHDAD-IRAQ

Own exhibition “THOUGHT AND MAN” at Al-Roauq Hall 1989-BAGHDAD- IRAQ

Own exhibition “Human and it’s Symbols” at Al-Roauq Hall 1991-BAGHDAD- IRAQ

Own exhibition with other known and pioneer female artist at Art Centre 1998-BAGHDAD- IRAQ

Own exhibition “Thought and Pinting” Rouya Hall” 2000-BAGHDAD- IRAQ

Own exhibition in Broadway Hall in-JORDON- Amman 2001

Own exhibition with five artist and seven works in Art Centre 2002-BAGDAD- IRAQ

Own and Co. exhibition in “Palace of UNESCO” in Beirut / Lebanon 2002

Own and Co. exhibition in “Public Hall – Artist Union” in Damascus / Syria 2002

Own exhibition in the “Embassy of Venezuela” 2003-BAGHDAD- IRAQ

Own exhibition “The Visions” at Ourfelly Hall 2004-BAGHDAD- IRAQ

Own exhibition in Cairo / Egypt in the “Picasso Hall” in Al-Zamalek under the title “Ishtar”.

The half of earnings have been donated to the children of Iraq 2006

Own exhibition 4 X 1-“The Music of Colours” in Qatar-Doha- 2008

Exhibition of contemporary three iraqi Artist-( Three from afar ) Dessau-Germany 2009

A joint exhibition of artists (WEMAN)from different countries in Leipzig Center — 2011- Germany

Personal exhibition in Deaver Keller Hall – a suburb Mersburg – Leipzig – Germany — 2011

A joint exhibition of artists from different countries – Leipzig – Germany – 2012

Personal exhibition in the Women Culture Centre of the Ministry of Culture – Leipzig – Germany -2013

A joint exhibition of Iraqi artists on human rights – Berlin – Germany –2014

Many posts in the joint exhibitions inside Iraq and in all the halls and get several awards and competitions design and mural

Many posts in the joint exhibitions outside Iraq in the European countries and Arab states such as Egypt – Lebanon – Syria – Tunisia – Jordan – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain – Morocco – Yemen – Qatar – Sudan and other foreign example: in Britain – France – Germany – India – Pakistan – Bangladesh – America.

For my work written numerous critics and artists and writers and poets, including:

Peot and author Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Peot Yousif Al-Saeig

Arabic author and Thinker Mouta,a Safdi

Author and Novelist Daisy Al-Amir

Artist, author and critic Shaker Hassan A,Al Said

Artist Dr. Alaa Bashir

Artist and author Noury El-Raouy

Artist Jamil Hamoudy

Author and art-critic Adel Kamel

Author and poet Husain Al-Hausini

Author and critic Hamed Al-Hiti

Author and critic Nermin Al-Mufti

Author and journalist Widad Ibrahim

Author and journalist Salah Abbas

Author and journalist Mouna Said

Egyptian poet Hassan Toufiq

And several other art-critic which wrote about her in almost all Iraqi and Arabic newspaper

and magazines