نشأت الآلوسي

The first impression the viewer will get from Nashaat al-Alousi's work in the 1970s is that he tried to document the local life (in Iraq). Through that he showed his academic skills, which in turn showed his professional methods in depicting people's movements, the use of light and shadow, color scheme and other basics of painting.

His study in Pozar Institute in Paris and his blend into the artistic scene in the city, between art galleries and working in an art restoration studios, had a significant impact on his tendency to study the surroundings and employing realism and classic methods in his paintings. He took the risk and included more popular themes in his work. That work was considered of classic art because of the exaggeration in the use of light and shadow and the fine details, in addition to the overall topic of the painting that shows his leaning towards the classic

  • Born in 1948 Alousi Al Alnar.Iraq


  • Studied at Bozart Academy 1971-1974. Studied at vancan Academy 1975.
  • Worked as a portrait artist in Charlset gallery in France.
  • Member of the Arist Union .First drawn for sport puplic in Iraq.
  • Worked manager for art section in ministry of culture and information ministry.
  • Worked as painter in Alf. Ba magazine .
  • Worked as painter in Dar Thalqafit Al Atfal in Iraq.

Solo Art Exhibition

  • Elwiya club (1978) Baghdad Iraq.
  • Al orfali Gallery (1982) Baghdad Iraq.
  • Al Rewaq Gallery (1984) Baghdad Iraq.
  • Al orfali Gallery (1994) Baghdad Iraq.
  • Alia Gallery (1995) Amman , Jordan.
  • Altaher Gallery (1996) Baghdad Iraq.
  • Nashat Al Alousi personal Workshop (1997) Baghdad Iraq.
  • Al Manazool Gallery (1998) Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


  • Baghdad World Exhibition.
  • First Prize for 3 Consecutive Years, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Achievement Award received at the Gorgon International Festival, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Achievement Award received at the Pinalli Exhibition, Sharjah, U.A.E.







نشأت الالوسي


Nashaat Alousi