هاشم البغدادي

Hashim was born in Baghdad in 1921, died in 1973.

An Iraqi calligrapher known in the Arab and Islamic Batkana full of Arabic calligraphy and برونقه beautiful line by ABC Quran, and took the line for Mr. Ali Sabir and Mullah Arif Shaykhli, which passed in the line in 1943, and passed as well as the calligrapher Turkish famous Musa Azmi, known as Hamid الآمدي, has passed twice in the first year (1950), and the second in the year (1952), General leave.
HeHHesdsa has many and varied contributions in calligraphy, especially on the number of mosques in Baghdad, including the mosque Hajj structure., And mosques are also there to him of the coolest bar Maicon black background and yellow line investigator on the line Alhaidarkhana mosque near the Mutanabi Street in Baghdad, was written in 1390.
And operated calligrapher in the Directorate of public space in Baghdad, and has many of artistic effects on the Iraqi coins and Tunisian, Moroccan, Libyan and Sudanese.
Traveled to several countries, including Egypt, where he presented for the exam in Cairo by improving the Royal Air School in Alexandria, and received a diploma with honors in 1945.
And received many leaves of various Egyptian calligrapher calligraphers of them (Mohammed Hosni, Egyptian calligrapher Sayed Ibrahim), and Work employees in the Directorate of public space in Baghdad. The envoy was sent to Germany by the Iraqi Ministry of Awqaf to supervise the printing of the Quran in one of Germany Press in 1979.
He was able to return to Baghdad, its old glory in calligraphy, and has a lot of paintings at the Museum of the pioneer artists.

He graduated his hands on a lot of prominent students in calligraphy, including the poet and calligrapher Walid Azami and calligrapher honest league, and calligrapher Ghani Alani and calligrapher Taha gardener. He died in the month of March / April of 1393 AH / 1973 AD