طالب مكي

Talib Mekki was born in 1936 in Dhi Qar- iraq.

  • He holds a diploma in fine arts - sculpture 1957.
  • Member of the Iraqi Artists union.
  • Member of Iraqi Journalists union.
  • Worked as an illustrator in the magazine (the oil workers) since 1960.
  • Worked as a teacher of drawing in the Deaf and Dumb Institute since 1966.
  • Founding member of the group (innovators), which established in 1965, which held their annual exhibitions between the year (1965-1968(
  • He worked as a chairman of illustrators in the ''children's culture house'' since 1969 in its publications, magazine (my magazine) and (oboe) and (Sinbad Baghdad) and produced a huge number of covers and comics and children's books, posters, for over more than three decades, as well as local newspapers and magazines, such as (alef - baa ) and (pens) and others.
  • He participated in many local, Arab and international exhibitions and art festivals, in the field of children's book illustration.he received the incentive award of the Arab culture in Tunisia for his books (Abu Bakr al-Razi) and (Ashurbanipal) in 1985
  • Held a solo exhibition entitled (people) in 1993.
  • Held a retrospective exhibition of his work in 2006.
  • The artist was honored for his role in the children's culture house in 2008 and the house had launched an annual competition in his name (the Talib mekki contest of children's book illustration).
  • Held a solo exhibition titled ''palm trees'' in march 2015.
  • Won the annual creativity award for the Iraqi culture for his lifetime achievement in 2015.



Talleb Makky طالب مكي


Talib MEKKI as big as a dream prepared and directe