Dia Azzawi's "Mosul: Panorama of Destruction"
عمل ضياء العزاوي "الموصل: بانوراما الدمار" في معرضه بمتحف اشموليان

Get face-to-face with Dia al-Azzawi's monumental 10-metre tapestry in his Painting Poetry exhibition as exhibition curator Francesca Leoni tells its story. The epic black-and-white artwork entitled 'Mosul: Panorama of Destruction' immortalises the impact of war on Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and was created specially for the exhibition at the Ashmolean.
Discover how the tapestry originated from a much smaller drawing by this leading contemporary Iraqi artist and how it was made and installed, while exploring in detail some of the poignant scenes and elements of the tapestry itself.