Visit of Iraqi Artist Salim Al-Dabbagh - Feb.2021

Ibrahimi Collection was honored yesterday with the visit of artist, Salim Al-Dabbagh, for a truly wonderful and beneficial meeting and conversation in which the artist shared lots of memories about the history of art and artists.
Artist Salim Al-Dabbagh, who was born in 1941 in the province of Mosul in Iraq, graduated from the Higher Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1964, and co-founded with other artists such as Ali Talib, Saleh Al-Jumaie, Talib Mekki, Nida Kadhim and Faik Hussein, "The Innovators Group" and participated in their first exhibition in 1965 after their graduation.
And he was one of the first artists from the generation of the sixties who practiced pure abstraction and was devoted to it over a period of fifty years. Artist Shakir Hassan wrote about the experience of artist Salim in his book (Chapters from the History of the Plastic Movement in Iraq - Part Two), “Al-Dabbagh succeeded in delivering (abstraction – geometric) forms during the seventies to new positions of a symbolic and semi-dynamic proposition, and in that he records the openness of the modern Iraqi art to contemporary international art"