Visit of Iraqi Artist Mahood Ahmad - 20.Nov.2018



  • Mahood Ahmed was born in 1939 in Marshes, Maysan province, in the south of Iraq, home to mythology. There arose the civilization of Akad & Sumer. Mahud believes that the Marshlands people are like mythical creatures that do not resemble the rest of mankind. Thus Mahoud Ahmed's paintings are inspired by the spirit of myth, heroism and symbolism.
  • Graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts I Baghdad 1961.Received a master's degree and doctorate from Russia. Institute and the Institute of Theoretical Aldrast Sorkov I Moscow.
  • Worked as a professor at the University of Baghdad and Salah al-Din University Faculty of Fine Arts.
  • Founding member of the Faculty of Fine Arts /University of Salah al-Din /Erbil Iraq.
  • He participated in the discussion of university higher education degrees and conferences.
    Supervised 27 Master and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Became a professor At Baghdad University in 1996
  • He was honored by the University of Baghdad as an exemplary professor in 2000. as well as the oldest professor in 2005
  • Participated in many scientific conferences and cultural events.
  • His has published many books on Art.
  • He wrote many articles of art, art criticism and poetry.
    He contributed to the publication and of the literary magazine Asfar and served as Editorial Secretary of the Journal of Art in Baghdad. He has also written many researches in the magazine Afaq Arabia and folklore, the academic magazine and the art magazine. He also contributed to the establishment of a magazine Majalaty for children. It has facilities for its works in world museums.
  • His most famous works are (Blue Knight, Fortune teller, Dead Living, Back Head, Kilgames Epic, Last Supper)
  •  Staged many exhibitions inside and outside Iraq
  • Won many awards, most recently Baghdad International Festival Award for the Arts Alchekelip 2002
  • Participated in the founding of magazines for children 1968
  • Published a book titled The large machining (miniatures and manuscripts denominators Hariri Great in St. Petersburg) with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Jordan /2009
  • Member of Iraqi Artists Syndicate
  • Member of the Jordanian Association of Fine Artists
  • Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate
  • Member of Syndicate of Fine artists Iraqis
  • honored by the Association of Fine Artists Jordanian festival on the occasion of Quds as the capital of the culture of Arabia 2009.