Dr. Salam Atta Sabri Sent this Email to Ibrahimi collection on Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dear Ibrahimi collection

Thanks a million for yours great collection of Iraqi pioneers and contemporary artists in painting and Sculpture and Ceramics and 

Graphics and Drawings , you had 

Kept the Iraqi cultureral artistic Heritage alive in yours Amazing art museum in Amman , H.K.J

Hopefully one day will have the chance to visit those Iraqi pioneers , contemporary treasures ,which for sure never survived without yours great saving those art works, warm greetings , with my best wishes.

Best regards / Salam Ata sabri



Dr. Salam Atta Sabri is the son of artist's Atta Sabri, and is an artist in his own right, he is the Director of the National Museum of Modern art \ Baghdad and has dedicated himself to raising awareness of the fate of the works that were looted from the Museum and is working towards their recovery. 

His father Atta Sabri   is considered one of the early pioneers of Iraqi modern art, honored alongside Faiq Hassan and Hafidh al-Droubi.

Salam Atta Sabri (b. 1953) trained as a ceramicist and lived in the USA and Jordan for 16 years. His work con­cerns his expe­rien­ces after retur­ning to his bir­th­place, which had under­gone serious chan­ges as a result of its con­flicts. He returned to Baghdad in 2005


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