Critic Khudair AlZaidi talks about Iraqi Artist Ali RISAN (1963)

After the War / Bronze Sculpture 3/7 / 2000
Iraqi Artist Ali RISAN (1963)
"If we want to hold on to his work thread, we must watch how his hands made that aesthetic accumulation after he turned the raw materials into a mass of symbols. He calculated that any work of his is not without a significance of a certain amount of human tragedy in an age when the nightmare is painful. From here, Ali Risan insists that his last subject is to capture the human self and to give it a degree of vision and value even in the most difficult and unifying circumstances."
Al-Naked Al-Iraqi Website – Khudair AlZaidi: The Significance of Faces in the works of “Ali Risan”
This work was acquired from the artist's exhibition at Dar Al-Anda Gallery in Amman - Jordan in 2005, which was mostly devoted to sculptures of masks and faces of bronze.

الفنان العراقي علي رسن
"لو أردنا أن نمسك بخيط عمله فلا بد لنا أن نراقب كيف صنعت يداه ذلك التراكم الجمالي بعد أن حول المواد الخام إلى كتلة من الرموز، إن أي عمل له لا يخلو من دلالة توفر قدراً من مأساة الإنسان في عصر يشهد عليه الكابوس أنه مؤلم ، من هنا ينطلق علي رسن ليؤكد أن مادته الأخيرة هي الإمساك بالذات الإنسانية وإعطائها قدراً من الرؤية والقيمة حتى في أشد الظروف قسوة واتحاداً"
الناقد خضيّر الزيدي "دلالة الوجوه في أعمال علي رسن"