علي جبار

Ali Jabbar born 1963 in Missan ,Iraq, studied at the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad, where he received his diploma in Painting in 1987. In 1990, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad, with a BA In Painting. He also holds a diploma in Graphic Design from KKA Copenhagen School.

His solo exhibitions include KM235 Gallery, Hamburg, 1994; Torre Vella Museum, Salou, 2002; Hernin Art Musuem, Herning, 2005; Hay Hill Gallery (an exhibition with fifty-two works by Auguste Rodin), London; and Karim Gallery, Amman, 2011.

Jabbar has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, festivals and biennales including Modern Iraqi Art, Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad, 1984; Baghdad Group Exhibition, Citizen Culture House, Copenhagen, 1996; International Sculpture Symposium, Beirut, 2000; Tehran International Biennial, Tehran Museum Contemporary Art, Tehran, 2005; and the Painting Symposium, Normandy, 2010. His awards include First Prize in Painting, and Third Prize in Painting, Iraqi Modern Arts Festival, Baghdad, 1985 and 1987; First Prize in Sculpture, Dubai Sculpture Symposium, Dubai, 2005; and First Prize in Sculpture, Tehran Sculpture Symposium, Tehran, 2007. Public works by the artist includes five stone monuments in Turkey, Oman, Bahrain and Beirut. He lives and works in London.




Ali Jabbar


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