Noori AL-RAWI / Euphrates & Surroundings - By May Muzaffar
نوري الراوي / الفرات والمناطق المحيطة بها - مي مظفر

Iraqi Artist Noori AL-RAWI

“Noori’s painting may not immerse you in any complicated intellectual dilemma & doesn’t carry you into tangled metaphysical dimensions, it is only an oversensitive dreamy work that fascinates the viewer and mildly leads him to enter into its space then leaves him to find out this sensitive & smart formation, color in Noori’s paintings has an expressive value that used by the artist in a free emotional way, he evokes the shape from nature and put his sensation inside it through his exaggerated incarnation & giving the color this romantic characteristic that makes it similar to daydreams”

May Muzaffar


Attached the full article by Mme May Muzaffar that published in the magazine of “AL-REWAQ” issue No. 14 in 1978, and one of his artworks from our collection:

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