Ismail AL-CHEKHLI - Renewed Adventues in Color

Ismail AL-CHEKHLI (1924 – 2001)

Ismail AL- CHEKHLI is one of the pioneer artists who worked hard since the early forties to establish an Iraqi school of Moderrn art, In his paintings one can feel his nostalgia for the playfields of childhood and the collective visits of women to holy places and their communal picnics to the open fields.

Jabra I. Jabra tried to shed some light on his life and work during the attached article that published in GILGAMESH (A Journal of Modern Iraqi Arts) in 1989 Editor in Chief: Naji AlHadithi / Art DirectorL Rafa Nasiri.

One of the artist’s painting from our collection that shows his spontaneous love for nature:







Arabic Title: 
إسماعيل الشيخلي- مغامرات متجددة بالألوان