Himat mohammad ALI
Himat mohammad ALI
هيمت محمد علي

Born: 1960, Kirkuk
Studio location: Himat, who is usually known by his first name only, has studios in Tokyo and Amman, but spends the majority of his time in Paris, where he moved in 1991. He has a studio at La Ruche, an artists’ residence in Montparnasse that has hosted some of the biggest names in French and international art, from Amedeo Modigliani and Constantin Brâncusi to Diego Rivera.
 Himat began writing poems when he was around 15, and a few years later he progressed into visual art thanks to the art books of his brother, who is also an artist.

Himat did not study art in any formal setting; save for a handful of short technical courses in Paris and learning through the support of other artists.

1982 - Gallery of Contemporary Art, Kirkuk, Iraq ,1983 - Al Rashid Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq
1986 - Al Rashid Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq,1988 - Tsubaki Gallery, Chiba, Japan ,Forms Gallery, Tokyo, Japan Shofu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan ,Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation, Amman, Jordan ,1992 - Atagoyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan,1993 - Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France,1994 - Galerie Shawar, Paris, France,Galerie Atagoyama, Tokyo, Japan,Galerie Via Fravia, Domu-Ems, Switzerland, 1997 - Librairie Vendredi, Paris, France, 2000 - Centre d’Art et de Littérature L’Echelle, France,2001 - 4 Walls, Amman, Jordan ,Al Sharjah Museum, Al Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Ezermann Gallery, Dokkan, The Netherlands,2004 - Agial Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon,2005 - 4 Walls, Amman, Jordan,Agial Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon,Galerie Le Patio, Tunis, Tunisia,2006 - Al Riwaq Gallery, Manama, Bahrain,2007 - Lines, Contemporary Art Gallery, Amman ,2008 – Sharif Gallery, Tunis,2010 – Nabad Gallery, Amman,2010 – Dar Al Funoun, Kuwait,2011 – Du Mans, France,2013 – Al Riwaiq Gallery, Bahrain,2015 – Mutsu Gallery, Chiba, Japan,2015_ Nabad Gallery , Amman

1983 – Graphic award – Wasiti Art Festival, Baghdad
1985 – Art award – Wasiti Art Festival, Baghdad
1989 – First prize – Wasiti Art Festival, Baghdad




زهور يابانية في كركوك Japanese Flowers in Karkuk
Letters To Ishtar
زهور من السماء
سيرة اللامرئي في الرسم من أل سعيد الى هيمت
هيمت محمد علي Himat