Balasim JASSAM
Balasim JASSAM
بلاسم جسام


- Date and Place of Birth: Koufa - 1958.

Educational Qualifications:

- Diploma Arts, Institute of Fine Arts - Graphic and Calligraphy- Baghdad- 1975.
- Bachelor, Collage of Fine Arts- Graphic- Baghdad- 1979.
- Master of Fine Art- Art critics, Thesis (The concept of Space in Islamic depicting Art).
- PHD in Philosophy, Doctorate Thesis (The Semiotics Analysis for Painting Art- Principles and Applications), 2000.

Teaching Experience:

- Taught at institute of Fine Arts- Baghdad.
- Taught at college of Fine Arts- Baghdad.
- Taught at Al-Qudos College- Amman.
- Taught at Amman private University.


- Taught Graphic and   printing at college of Fine Arts, 1995-2005.
- Established the Graphic work-shop and computer Center at the college, 1998.
- Participated in many of Arabic and international Graphic exhibitions.
- Led his students in tow Graphic exhibitions in Baghdad, 2001-2002.
- Arabian Calligraphy
- Studied Arabic calligraphy under the supervision of the master Hashim Muhammad Al-Baghdadi.
-  Professional calligraphist in all types of Arabic scripts.- Participated in many of Arabian and international calligraphy exhibitions- and acquired many prizes.
- Acquired    calligraphy Certification from the grand master Hamid Al-Amdi- Turkey.                    


- 1973, Baghdad, institute of Fine Arts students exhibition.
- 1976, Baghdad, Faculty of Fine Arts students exhibition.
- 1978, Baghdad, Riwaq Gallery, Plastic Art department exhibition.
- 1980, Baghdad, The national museum of Contemporary Arts, April exhibition.
- 1983, Baghdad, Iraqi Plastic Artists Association exhibition.
- 1986, Baghdad, The National Arts Center, Youth exhibition.
- 1988, Baghdad, Iraqi Art Show, Art for Humanity.
- 1990, Beirut, Iraqi Contemporary Art.
- 1990, Berlin, ( Iraqiyoon) Show, Godia Gallery.
- 1993, Baghdad, Art for Humanity.- 1994, London, Iraqi Art Exhibition.
- 1994, Baghdad, Hiwar Gallery, Landscapes show.
- 2000, Baghdad, Professor of Faculty of Fine Arts collective exhibition.
- 2001, Baghdad, Ofuq Gallery, the first drawing exhibition.
- 2002, New Delhi, Contemporary Art Harangue.
- 2004, Baghdad, Al-Ribat Gallery exhibition.
- 2005, Baghdad, Art professors exhibition.
- 2006, Amman, Broadway Gallery, collective exhibition.
- 2006, New York, Iraqi Art exhibition.
- 2008, California, Three Artist from Mesopotamia exhibition.    


- 1986, Established with group of artists Addad workshop for design and printing.
- 1996, Established (Ikal Printing) for printing and design.
- 2004, Coordinated with fellow artists in establishing the workshop of Visual Arts.
- Member of Iraqi Plastic Artists Association.
- Member of Iraqi Artists Union.
- Member of Arab Journalists Federation.





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