Balasim JASSAM
Balasim JASSAM
بلاسم جسام


- Date and Place of Birth: Koufa - 1958.

Educational Qualifications:

- Diploma Arts, Institute of Fine Arts - Graphic and Calligraphy- Baghdad- 1975.
- Bachelor, Collage of Fine Arts- Graphic- Baghdad- 1979.
- Master of Fine Art- Art critics, Thesis (The concept of Space in Islamic depicting Art).
- PHD in Philosophy, Doctorate Thesis (The Semiotics Analysis for Painting Art- Principles and Applications), 2000.

Teaching Experience:

- Taught at institute of Fine Arts- Baghdad.
- Taught at college of Fine Arts- Baghdad.
- Taught at Al-Qudos College- Amman.
- Taught at Amman private University.


- Taught Graphic and   printing at college of Fine Arts, 1995-2005.
- Established the Graphic work-shop and computer Center at the college, 1998.
- Participated in many of Arabic and international Graphic exhibitions.
- Led his students in tow Graphic exhibitions in Baghdad, 2001-2002.
- Arabian Calligraphy
- Studied Arabic calligraphy under the supervision of the master Hashim Muhammad Al-Baghdadi.
-  Professional calligraphist in all types of Arabic scripts.- Participated in many of Arabian and international calligraphy exhibitions- and acquired many prizes.
- Acquired    calligraphy Certification from the grand master Hamid Al-Amdi- Turkey.                    


- 1973, Baghdad, institute of Fine Arts students exhibition.
- 1976, Baghdad, Faculty of Fine Arts students exhibition.
- 1978, Baghdad, Riwaq Gallery, Plastic Art department exhibition.
- 1980, Baghdad, The national museum of Contemporary Arts, April exhibition.
- 1983, Baghdad, Iraqi Plastic Artists Association exhibition.
- 1986, Baghdad, The National Arts Center, Youth exhibition.
- 1988, Baghdad, Iraqi Art Show, Art for Humanity.
- 1990, Beirut, Iraqi Contemporary Art.
- 1990, Berlin, ( Iraqiyoon) Show, Godia Gallery.
- 1993, Baghdad, Art for Humanity.- 1994, London, Iraqi Art Exhibition.
- 1994, Baghdad, Hiwar Gallery, Landscapes show.
- 2000, Baghdad, Professor of Faculty of Fine Arts collective exhibition.
- 2001, Baghdad, Ofuq Gallery, the first drawing exhibition.
- 2002, New Delhi, Contemporary Art Harangue.
- 2004, Baghdad, Al-Ribat Gallery exhibition.
- 2005, Baghdad, Art professors exhibition.
- 2006, Amman, Broadway Gallery, collective exhibition.
- 2006, New York, Iraqi Art exhibition.
- 2008, California, Three Artist from Mesopotamia exhibition.    


- 1986, Established with group of artists Addad workshop for design and printing.
- 1996, Established (Ikal Printing) for printing and design.
- 2004, Coordinated with fellow artists in establishing the workshop of Visual Arts.
- Member of Iraqi Plastic Artists Association.
- Member of Iraqi Artists Union.
- Member of Arab Journalists Federation.






The isolation of art in Iraqi culture
قراءات وافكار في الفنون التشكيلية
تأويل الفراغ في الفنون الاسلامية
الفن التشكيلي قراءه سيميائية في انساق الرسم
دراسات في الفن والجمال


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