مخلد المختار

Mukhled AL-MUKHTAR  Born in Mosul, Northern Iraq – Austrian Nationality
1972 : B.A in painting from the academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad, Iraq
1977 : Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy
– Diploma from the International Cultural Centre, Rome, Italy
– Diploma for high efficiency for contemporary Artists in the World, Rome, Italy

Exhibitions & Contributions

1972 : First personal exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq
1977 : Personal exhibition, Peruga, Italy
1978 : Personal exhibition, “The Free Workshop”, Kuwait City, Kuwait
1992 : Personal exhibition, “Ain Gallery, Baghdad”, Iraq
1992 : Personal exhibition, "La Caza Gallery”, Amman, Jordan
1995 : Personal exhibition, “The Russian Cultural Centre”, Tunis, Tunisia
1997 : Personal exhibition, “Dar 88 Room”, Baghdad, Iraq
1997 : Personal exhibition, “The Arts Gallery”, Tunis, Tunisia
1998 : Personal exhibition, “The Myth and heritage”, Baghdad, Iraq
2001 : Personal exhibition, “The Roxy Gallery”, Ulm, Germany
2002 : Personal exhibition, Beijing, China et Moscow, Russia
2004 : Personal exhibition, “The Broadway Gallery”, Amman, Jordan
2004 : Personal exhibition, “The Gallery of The Orthodox Club”, Amman, Jordan
2006 : Personal exhibition, “The festivities Gallery”, Palais Rothal, Vienna, Austria


1975 :
– Participant at the Festival for Free Painting at Rocca del Baba, Italy
– Associate of the joint exhibition of Arab Artists and Italian friendship Society,
Rome, Italy

1976 : Participant in the exhibition of Arab Plastic Artists at Al-Zia Gallery in Rome

1977 – 2003 :

– Participant in all exhibitions of the Iraqi Painter’s Association in Iraq and

– Participant in the Iraqi Modern Painting exhibitions, which took place in several countries as :

Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Cyprus, Venezuela, Qatar, Italy, France (The World Arab Institute, Paris), United Kingdom, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Sultanate of Oman, Japan, Chine ; Lybia, Austria, Germany, Russia, Spain …

1986 : Participant and winner of the bronze medal of the 15th Biennial, Cairo, Egypt

1998 : Participant at the 15th Biennial, Cairo, Egypt

1999 : Collaboration at the Baghdad International Painting Festival (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

2000 : Collaboration to the exhibition initiated by the International Painting Circle
(AIAP), Rivoli, Italie

2002 : Collaboration to the Iraqi Common Exhibition, Tripoli, Lebanon

2002 : Collaboration to the Common Exhibition, Al-Anku Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

Prizes :

1975 : Awarded by Pope’s Jean 23 Silver Medal
1977 : First Price « Golden Feather », Rome, Italy
1977 : Golden Medal, exihibition « Arte Roma »
1982 : Dean of the Institute of fine Arts – Baghdad, Participating founder of the
Institutes of Fine Arts in both Basra and Suleimania, Iraq
1982 – 1998 : Painting Professor, planning, colors and design at the Fine Arts
Institute, Baghdad University, Iraq
1985 : International Price « Picasso » at the exhibition (Picasso-Miro), Baghdad, Iraq
1998 : Awarded by the “7th November Medal” from his Excellency Mister Zine El
Abidine Ben Ali, President of the Republic of Tunisia
1998 – 2003 : Assigned as Director General of the Painting Department, Iraqi Ministry
of Culture

Conferences, tutoring and positions in the field of fine art :

1976 – 1982: Member of the Board of administration of the Iraqi Cinema and theater
1978 : Represented the Republic of Iraq at the International Congress of Arts on the
topic of : « Ideas, Opinions and immunity laws for the professional artist,
1979 : Represented the Republic of Iraq at the 3rd congress of the Arab Union of
Artists, Tripoli, Libya
1980 : Represented the Republic of Iraq at the 4th congress of the Arab Union of
Artists, Baghdad, Iraq
1981 : Represented the Republic of Iraq at the 9th congress of the painters of the
German Democratic Republic, Berlin, GDR
1982 : Elected Chairman of the Iraqi Painters Union
1986 : Represented the Republic of Iraq at the 11th congress of the International
Union of Painting (AIAB), Baghdad, Iraq
1976 – 1990 : Elected Vice-President of the Iraqi Painters Association
1990 – 1997 : Elected Chairman of the Iraqi Painters Association
1998 – 2003 : Assigned as Vice President of the Iraqi National Committee of painting

– Member of the International Peace and Solidarity Association
– Member of the International Fine Arts Association (AIAB)
– Member Iraqi Artist’s Union
– Member of the Iraqi Painters Association
– Member of the Iraqi Authors and Novelists Union – Painting Critic
– Member of honor of the Jordanian Artists Painters Association
– Member of honor of the Arab-German Radio Amateur Friendship Association

1999 – 2003 :
– Elected member of the Iraqi Sciences Academy (Human Sciences
– Judiciary expert in the field of painting near the Appeal court of Baghdad
– Currently working, residing in Vienna, Austria
– Member of the Federal Bureau of Arts, Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

Died in 2017