اسماعيل خياط

Ismail Khayat was born in Khanaken, Kurdistan in 1944, and has been a member of the Iraqi Artist Association since 1965 and the Iraqi Artist Syndicate since 1970. After teaching art in Sulaymania for twenty-four years, he became supervisor of all arts activities in the region, curating numerous art exhibitions throughout Iraq and participating in sixty-five group exhibitions and international exhibitions in Damascus, Jordan, Paris, Japan, Sweden, Russia, eastern Europe, and South Korea.

His work can be found in many European and Japanese private collections, and twenty-five of his works are owned by the Iraqi National Museum.

- 1965 - becomes a member of the Association of Iraqi Artists.
- 1966 - graduate of the Teachers' School - Baakouba.
- 1980 - becomes a member of  the International Association of Artists.
- 1991 - retired  from teaching art in Sulaymania  after twenty-four years.
- 1992 - following year, he took the direction of the painting department of the Ministry of Culture of Kurdistan. supervisor of all arts activities in the region, currating numerous art exhibitions throughout Iraq
- 1998 - he became Inspector of Plastic Arts in Sulaimani..
Exhibitions since 1965:
33 solo exhibitions in Baghdad, Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok and more than 60 group exhibitions in Baghdad, Mosul, Basrah, Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok.

He has participated in international exhibitions in Syria, Jordan, Japan, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, Eastern Europe and France. He was invited by the Kurdish Institute of Paris in 1993 for the exhibition "Les peintres de l'Anfal".

His works can be found in Japan, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Holland, Philippines, USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England.

25 of his works have been chosen by the National Museum of Iraq. In 2004, he was awarded the Creativity Prize by the Regional Government of Kurdistan of Iraq.

Other achievements:
Design of sets for various theater plays and child care. He has made covers for about forty books and numerous drawings for newspapers and magazines.
In Japan, some of his works have been reproduced on T-shirts and postcards.
With other artists, he played a decisive role in the artistic life of Sulaimani.
Always interested in children's works, he endeavors to include their drawings in international exhibitions where they have won numerous distinctions. He is in contact with the International Children's Art Museum in Oslo, where a hundred drawings of children from Sulaimani are exhibited.
In 2001, he was invited to the United States by the Kurdish Institute of Washington, at the seminar on "Civil life in Iraqi Kurdistan", to talk about peace in Kurdistan and the symbolism of the white doves he painted on several hundred meters of rocks in the region of Pirer, between Suleimani and Erbil.




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