بتول الفكيكي

Batool Al-Fekaiki 

  • Born in Baghdad, Iraq; Lives in London, UK

Selected Solo Exhibition:

  • 2004-Personal Exhibition Al-Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
  • 2000-Personal Exhibition Al-Riwq Gallery-Bahrain.
  • 1998-Personal Exhibition Dr Christain Hyden Hall, Traunstein. Munich, Germany.
  • 1997-Personal Exhibition Baledna Gallery, Amman, Jordan.
  • 1994-Personal Exhibition Sayda Interiors, London.

Selected Group Exhibition:

  • 2003-Exhibition Creative Arab World-UNESCO. Palace. Beirut.
  • 2002-Exhibition Intact, Iraqi Art, Iraqi Spirit. Aya Gallery-London.
  • 1999-2000 Dialogue of the present. The work of 18 Arab Women Artists, Hot Bath
    Gallery, Bath; Plymouth art centre, Plymouth;
    Brunei Galley, University of London; University of Brighton Galley.
  • 2000-Children of the Future- Patshanger Manor and gallery. London.
  • 1998-11th International Exhibition of Fine Art, Al Mahras, Tunisia.
  • 1996- The Palestinian Child Exhibition, Dubai.
  • 1995- Arab Artists Exhibition, Arab- British Chamber of Commerce, London.
  • 1993-Orfali Art Gallery, Baghdad.
  • 1992-Iraqi Modern Art Exhibition, the Royal Cultural Centre, Jordan.
  • 1991-Joint Exhibition with Ibrahim Al Abdali, The Royal Cultural Centre, Jordan.
  • 1990-Iraqi Women Artists Exhibition-Brazil.
  • 1990-Iraqi Modern Art Exhibition, Iraqi Artists" Union, Italy.
  • 1989-The Second International Festival, Al-Benali, Baghdad.
  • 1988-Victory and Peace Exhibition, Baghdad.
  • 1986-The First International Baghdad Exhibition Al-Benali, Baghdad.
  • 1985-Annual Exhibition, Orfally Galley, Baghdad.
  • 1984-Graphics Exhibition, Al-Rewaaq Gallery, Baghdad.
  • 1981-Iraqi Modern Art Exhibition, Amman, Jordan.
  • 1980-National Women Artists Exhibition, Baghdad.
  • 1979-Art and Revolution Exhibition, Thawra Newspaper, Baghdad.
  • 1976-Iraqi Modern Art Exhibition, Paris, Bonn, London.
  • 1975-Iraqi Women Artists Exhibition, Kuwait, Madrid, Vienna, Italy.
  • 1974-Mobile Iraqi Art Exhibition, Paris, Damascus, Kuwait.
  • 1973-Al-Wasti Festival, The National Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad.


  • Murals at Baghdad International Airport. (2x7m) 1983.
  • Murals at the Iraqi Fashion House, Baghdad (2x4m) 1984.
  • Various murals at schools in Iraq (1x3m) 1985.
  • Monument statue for Mahras Port Entrance-Tunisia.
  • Museum of modern art - Amman, Jordan.

National Museum of  Modern Art-Baghdad.

Many private collections throughout the world.




بتول الفكيكي


الفنانة التشكيلية بتول الفكيكي
Iraqi Artist Batool Al-Fekaiki فنانه التشكيليه بتو