Iraqi Artist Adel Abidin (1973)

Iraqi Artist Adel ABIDIN (1973)
"Through his videos and sculptural installations Abidin takes an action, symbol or object out of its assigned context and revives it as a metaphor. Coming from his own experience of being at the crossroads between the Arab and Western world, the artist’s work is often haunted by notions of imprisonment, isolation and repeated exile."
Art Radar Website – Article: “History Wipes” and other ambiguities: Iraqi artist Adel Abidin at Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki
This particular sculpture is one of the artist's sculptures in his exhibition at Karim Gallery in Amman in late 2017 called Relics, which was presented to our collection by the great Iraqi Artist Dia AL-AZZAWI. The idea of this exhibition and work is that the artist was looking for images of the US military deployed to Iraq to reshape the physical and psychological aspects and create many hypotheses of what could happen after the dismantling of certain regimes and he’s known to criticize the US war on Iraq in the time of George W. Bush administration in 2003.